adaptive reuse

DASH Architects are specialists in the adaptive reuse of heritage places.  Our approach is based on the cultural, environmental and economic values of existing places and building stock.  

This approach recognises that the cultural value of places is not solely borne within their built fabric, but also their ongoing role and relevance to the societies within which they are located.  Our approach seeks to reinforce and strengthen the cultural relevance of heritage places by making them active participants in our cultural landscapes.  This not only provides an economically sustainable model for our heritage management but also ensures their long term preservation and cultural relevance.

The adaptive reuse of built fabric, whether or not heritage listed, also has important environmental benefits, such as energy efficiencies and a reduction in carbon footprint.

Medina Bar 01

Adaptive reuse projects

  • Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury (in assoc with SJB Architects Melbourne)
  • 2-12 King William Street (in assoc with IA Group and Tenants’ Designers)
  • Penfolds Magill Estate (in assoc with AJ+C)
  • Z Ward Glenside Redevelopment
  • Waverley House, St Andrew’s Hospital
  • Morialta Barns Redevelopment
  • Johnston’s Brewery, Oakbank
  • Skycity Adelaide, various projects
  • Victoria Park Heritage Grandstand
  • Mitchell Building Masterplan, University of Adelaide
  • Unley Council, Library, Offices and Council Chambers
  • Alexandrina Council, Library, Offices and Council Chambers
  • Adelaide Gaol Adaptive Reuse Study

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