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DASH Architects was established in 1964 and is one of South Australia’s leading exponents of designing architecture that is responsive to its physical and cultural context.

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architecture & interiors

Our approach to architecture and interiors is driven by process, rather than dogma. It is holistic in nature and includes rigorous stakeholder consultation and sound functional and spatial planning.

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DASH Architects is one of Australia’s leading practices in the provision of specialist heritage services and has been at the forefront of the development of a sustainable paradigm for the conservation of cultural heritage.

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urban design

DASH Architects’ experience in place making extends back 30 years, and is founded upon a detailed appreciation of the wider cultural and physical contexts of individual sites.

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DASH Architects provides historical archaeological advice and assessment. Historical Archaeology is the study of the human past in Australia post-settlement, using material evidence and documentary sources. DASH Architects’ services include preparing preliminary archaeological assessments (PAA), seeking archaeological permits under the Heritage Places Act 1993 (SA), onsite archaeological monitoring and recording, and post-site reporting and artefact analysis.

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DASH Architects is a member of the Defence Infrastructure Panel - Environment, Heritage and Estate Engineering Services in 2020. Under this Panel, we are prequalified to undertake a range of Historic Heritage Services, such as heritage impact assessment, conservation and technical advice, condition assessment, archival recording and heritage assessment. We are based in Adelaide and have the flexibility and expertise to work anywhere in Australia.