DASH Architects provides desktop historical archaeological advice and assessment. Historical Archaeology is the study of the human past in Australia post-settlement, using material evidence and documentary sources.

Our services include:

  • preparing a detailed site history to inform the need to prepare an archaeological assessment
  • preparing a preliminary archaeological assessment to determine a site’s archaeological potential and significance
  • provision of advice in relation to archaeological provisions and permit requirements in South Australia.

The preparation of an archaeological assessment or detailed site history can assist in risk management for large or complex projects, where delays can be critical to the successful delivery of the project.

Historical archaeological projects include:

  • Newmarket Hotel, Detailed site history and archaeological advice
  • Her Majesty’s Theatre, Archaeological assessment
  • Port Dock Spur Line, Archaeological assessment
  • 49-58 Brougham Place, North Adelaide, Archaeological assessment
  • Glenunga International High School, Archaeological advice and assessment.    


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