condition assessments / dilapidation surveys

DASH Architects’ has undertaken multiple condition assessments. Some projects are simple and require photography, documenting condition issues, measuring cracks, and recommendations for conservation or repair, such as resolving damp issues. If projects require a more detailed approach, this may include engaging the services of an experienced surveyor to undertake a 3D scan of a structure where a survey model of the structure can be accurately compared both before and following the works.


Condition assessments undertaken by DASH Architects include:

  • basic condition reports based on condition inspections;
  • prioritised condition audits to form the basis of maintenance program or conservation works schedule; and
  • dilapidation inspections pre & post construction works for auditing purposes.
Condition assessment projects
  • 203 North Terrace, Adelaide
  • No. 2 Dock, Port Adelaide
  • Mortlock Wing, State Library of South Australia, Adelaide
  • Ayers House, Adelaide
  • Brompton Gasworks, Brompton
  • Former SA Institute Building, Adelaide
  • Fort Largs Barracks and Drill Hall, Fort Largs
  • Whyalla Court House, Whyalla
  • Former Cottage Wards, Glenside Hospital
  • DSTO Sites, former Salisbury Explosives Factory
  • Central Buildings, Port Adelaide
  • Peterborough Rotunda, Peterborough
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (SW Precinct), Adelaide
  • Adelaide Fire Station, Adelaide
  • Fowlers Lion Factory, Adelaide