DASH Architects has undertaken a wide range of retail projects from new buildings to refurbishments and fitouts. 

We regularly design and document both base building spaces and tenancy fitouts and can work within established design styles and manuals, or work with retailers, or their designers, to develop a new look.

bing boy doncaster 6

Marion 01

bing boy fountain gate 8

bing boy doncaster 4

Stag interior 03

Stag Interior 01

Stag Front Bar

Stag interior 02

Johnston 02

Johnston 01

15 17 Rundle Mall


retail projects

  • 15-17 Rundle Mall, Adelaide
  • Miss Gladys Sym Choon, Rundle Street, Adelaide
  • Upark Lobbies, Adelaide
  • Jamies Italian Fitout, (with ‘inhouse’ design team)
  • Cotton On, (with ‘inhouse’ design team)
  • Bing Boy Doncaster, Melbourne
  • Bing Boy Rundle Street, Adelaide
  • Bing Boy Chadstone, Melbourne
  • Bing Boy Emporium, Melbourne
  • Bing Boy Northland, Queensland
  • Bing Boy Churchill Road, Adelaide
  • Bing Boy Golden Grove, Adelaide
  • Bing Boy QV, Melbourne
  • Bing Boy Post Office Square, Queensland
  • Bing Boy, Melbourne Central
  • Bing Boy, Fountain Gate, Melbourne
  • Bing Boy, Southland, Melbourne