our people

The Directors of DASH Architects, Jason Schulz and David Holland, adopt a 'hands on' approach and remain integrally involved in all of the work undertaken by the office. This approach means that DASH Architects follow a consistent and accountable process that produces high quality outcomes.

Jason or David remain integrally involved with all of the work undertaken by the office.

Supporting Jason and David are our team comprising: Shae Taylor, Chris Dalgairns, Deborah Lindsay, and Anthony Peter. Each is an experienced professional in their own right and each has more than 10 years experience. In turn, our senior team is supported by our other architects, graduates, technicians and administrative staff.

Jason Schulz


Jason is an Architect and specialist heritage consultant with over 20 years consulting experience. He has worked for DASH Architects since 1992 and has been a director since 2001. During this time, he has been personally responsible for a broad variety of projects across the Practice’s full range of disciplines, including commercial, retail, residential and hospitality.

Jason is one of the State’s leading heritage consultants, having been responsible for working on some of the State’s most important heritage assets, and advising on some of the State’s largest and most important redevelopments. This expertise spans Local, State and National heritage values and processes.

In addition to this, Jason is a member of the South Australian Heritage Council (Dept of Environment Water and Natural Resources), the Local Heritage Advisory Committee (Dept of Planning Transport and Infrastructure) and a member of the City Centre Design Review Panel (Office of Design and Architecture SA).

Previous postings have included Local Heritage Advisor to the City of Adelaide, Presiding Member of the City of Adelaide Urban Design Advisory Panel, and Deputy Presiding Member of the City of Unley Development Assessment Panel.

David Holland


David is an architect and heritage consultant with over 20 years consulting experience. He has worked for DASH Architects since 1997 and been a Director of the practice since 2001.

During this time, David has been responsible for, or overseen, a number of significant heritage projects (including multiple RAIA award winners), significant architectural projects, Conservation Management Plans (CMPs) and conservation projects.

David is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA). He has previously been its State President, a National Director, and a member of the National Practice Committee. He was also a Chapter Councillor and chair of the State Practice Committee.

David currently sits on the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia, and has also been a member of various State and National Visiting Panels responsible for the accreditation of the Architectural courses at the University of Adelaide and at the University of South Australia.

Shae Taylor

Senior Architect

Shae is an architect with over 12 years consulting experience. She has worked for DASH since 2010.

During this time, she has been the project architect on wide range of projects in the office including sports & leisure, commercial, residential and heritage. She has been responsible for overseeing and undertaking documentation from concept through to construction and administering these projects on site.

Chris Dalgairns

Graduate of Architecture and Interior Designer

Chris is a Graduate of Architecture and an Interior Designer with over 14 years of experience, much of which has been spent designing and documenting a broad range of projects, including numerous residential, hospitality and commercial projects in South Australia and Queensland. He has only recently joined the DASH Architects team.

Chris has gained extensive experience doing high density residential developments and significant commercial projects. He has been responsible for overseeing all stages from concept design through to construction and on site administration.

Deborah Lindsay

Senior Heritage Consultant / Historical Archaeologist

Deborah has worked as a cultural heritage consultant for over 10 years. She has a comprehensive understanding of heritage and planning legislation in all levels of government. Deborah has provided heritage advice on conserving, developing and adapting heritage places in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

Deborah is a member of the Local Heritage Advisory Committee (LHAC) of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), providing advice to the SA Minister for Planning on local heritage matters. Deborah is a former member of the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee, the peak professional heritage organisation in Australia.